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Foliage is the frame work for your property. 

Our team takes special care in bringing new life to your home

through details like shaping, cutting back or even removal. This service

is provided for one time customers or as a reoccurring seasonal service. 

We provide installation as well as removal.  A mock up will be offered at

the time of the estimate. 

Lawn Maintenance

Everyone feels good after having a fresh hair cut.  When you arrive at your

home you will receive the same revived feeling, seeing the extraordinary

results of our work.  From meticulous lawn striping to flat top and crisp edges, you won't be dissappointed in the aesthetics we leave behind. 


Crisp, clean and beautiful. We provide thorough delivery of all services requested by you and with walk and talk you through a plan to get your landscape just the way you want it.